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The skirt "à-la Ulanova"* is possible to wear in two ways:

1. freely let out - each side forms cuts which in movement will open a leg allowing the sight of the line of a hip. At first, the tapes of the front part of a skirt is tied in back or sideways as a simple skirt and then the tapes of the back part are tied sideways. Anyway, it is a will of your imagination.

2. pushing the front part of the skirt to the right and left side behind the edge of the leotard. It will open your legs completely as the skirt will form romantic folds of a classic tunic.



Medium - 35 cm front, 50 cm back

Long - 37 cm front, 55 cm back


*Galina Ulanova was ballerina assoluta in the golden époque of Russian ballet. This style of skirt was often used by her and other dancers at this time.

Special skirt a-la Ulanova

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