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The Tunic, a classical light ballet dress, is put on top of a flesh-colored leotard. I remind us of the great Ulanova's* era and the golden era of the Russian ballet. Today it will be ideal for examinations at ballet schools, for the stage and of course for daily ballet classes. It will help you to feel feminine and create a romantic image. Does a figure more distinguished and gentle. The front part of the skirt in assemblies that opens to show a leg and helps us to see lines. Bores on the bodice emphasize the breasts. The V-shaped deep cut on the back makes the line refined and feminine. It is put on over the head, then at first the back part of a tunic is tied in front or sideways and then the tapes of the front part are then tied behind as a simple skirt.


*Galina Ulanova was ballerina assoluta in the golden époque of Russian ballet. This style of skirt was often used by her and other dancers at this time.

Tunic Dress a-la Ulanova

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